November 2017

Android Developer Toolbox (2017)

The Android world is full of great people that built great stuff and published it for saving other a lot of time. In this talk, we’ll go over a list of must-have libraries, tools, and resources every Android developer should know to make their Android development much easier and help them build better apps in less time.
September 2016

Good rules for Bad apps

Building a decent app is easy this days, there are plenty of tutorials, videos and blog post about it. In this session I’ll try to go over some of the top mistakes that everyone of us is doing while building his app. This will cover all the aspects of building bad app- technical, UI & UX, and product. So each one of you will be able to adapt his own favorite bad pattern and ruin his app.

slides avilable here
June 2016

Building android apps with Kotlin

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language for the JVM, Android and the browser. More and more in the Android community start using Kotlin, we’ll see why and how you can do it too.

slides avilable here
May 2016

Building Android apps with Firebase

Firebase (By Google) let you store & sync data with NoSQL cloud database. In this session we’ll build an app that easily sync data between multiple devices using cloud database.
January 2016

Android dev toolbox (Part 2)

The second part of the Android dev toolbox lecture, This time we’ll focus on collection of tools and resources that will help you build a better apps in less time.
December 2015

Android dev toolbox (Part 1)

A list of must-have tools every Android developer should know. In this part I'm focusing on third libraries that make your Android development much esier.
June 2015

Know what (not) to build

My talk from DroidCon Tel-Aviv 2015:
In the start-up world, everybody works hard - but they don't necessarily work hard on the right things. In this talk we'll be covering the tools that Android offers that allow teams to efficiently zero-in on actually working on what's important to their users without wasting too much time. I'll be using examples from our experience at MyRoll; what mistakes we encountered with regards to working on the right things and how these specific tools helped us get back on track.
June 2014

Android UI tips & tricks

My talk from DroidCon Tel-Aviv 2014:
Shem will share development tips while explaining how things work under-the-hood. As part of his talk, he will demonstrate the right way of working with images, custom views, ListViews and Animations, with an emphasis of how to make your app feel slick and fast on all Android devices.